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bi·jou, ˈbēZHo͞o

Adjective: small and elegant, noun: a jewel or trinket.

Our mission is to provide a sophisticated snack for the stylish partygoer. Made with dark chocolate, unique adornments, and an infusion of distinct flavors, these pretzels are a dressed up snack that celebrates the collision of salty and sweet.

Stylish inspiration, sparkling decor, and savory sweet snacks are the hallmarks of Bijou Sweets. We aim to take an ordinary pretzel and elevate it into something extraordinary. We start by flavoring our dark chocolate with popular flavors. We then decorate each pretzel by hand with a multitude of jewel tone sprinkles to give it some sparkle and shine. With the idea of flavor and style in mind, we like to say our products are “salty & chic”.

The hand placed sprinkles on the dark chocolate covered pretzels are inspired by jewels and gems.  Our collection includes multiple flavors such as 14 Karat Gold Honey & Vanilla, Ruby Red Spicy Chili, Diamond and Pearl Marshmallow and more!  

Meet your Pretzel Stylists 


As fashion school graduates, Liza and Stephanie stay true to their roots when designing pretzel decorations for Bijou Sweets.  Their friendship began when they both volunteered to plan a party at The Fashion Institute of Technology. That was the first time they saw their creative potential together; and it later inspired them to throw classy annual holiday parties when they were roommates in college.  Years later, they both found themselves in New York City craving to start a project that merged their love of fashion, pretzels, chocolate, and most of all sprinkles. This project idea turned into a little company called Bijou Sweets. These rare, elegant pretzel twists are giftable and are sure to bring a pop of color to any occasion.